State Performance Assessment (SPA) for High School

NEW for 2017-2018

  • MMEA/MHSAA have adopted the State Performance Assessment (SPA) and only requires each school to attend ONE adjudication.  There will be a site in the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the state. MMEA is responsible for Choral Art Festival and will continue offering the Choral Art Festival as an alternative to the SPA for the choice of ratings or comments only.
  • There is NO PREREQUISITE for participation in the SPA.
  • A director does not have to be a member of MMEA to participate in SPA or Choral Art Festival. His school, however, must be a member of MHSAA and the director must be registered with MHSAA (see Form 1).
  • Since participation in SPA is for RATINGS ONLY, the only option for a performance group wishing for “Comments Only” is to participate in the Choral Art Festival.
  • Sight reading adjudication is required of all students from each participating school in the SPA.  It is, however, optional for Choral Art Festival.
  • Ensembles may not be conducted in any way.
  • All groups perform from memory.
  • Plaques and trophies are awarded to superior-rated choirs and ensembles. Please note that MHSAA/MMEA has adopted a new policy for plaques for SPA that will only allow two per school (one for choirs and one for ensembles). The new plaques, available in future years, will be fitted with a larger engraving plate that will allow each Superior rated choir and ensemble to be listed and include any sight reading achievement..
  • Boys with unchanged voices may sing in SSA choirs.
  • Girls may never sing tenor or bass in any group.
  • Time allotted for performance includes entrance and exit on the stage.
  • Choirs have a designated warm-up room. There is no warm-up room for ensembles.
  • If a school has a need to attend a different region’s SPA than the one it is assigned, this choice MUST be indicated on Form 1 when registering with MHSAA in the fall. Failure to do so will result in that school having no alternative location.
  • Check the High School Choral Manual for all forms and guidelines.