Junior High All-State Honor Choir UPDATE

Junior High Directors:

This year, due to COVID, the Junior High Board will is offering a VIRTUAL ALL-STATE HONOR CHOIR.  Please read through the information below from Honor Choir Chairs, Sue Tarver and Jamie Lee Moore.

Thank you,

Andy Beasley
Junior High Division President


Virtual All-State JH SATB Honor Choir


Congratulations to all your students that made All-State Honor Choir.

Charge: $30 per student is due 3/1/2021.


Dr. Phillip Stockton (MSU) will be our clinician this year. He will videotape rehearsals of the two songs the choir is singing this year. His MSU Chamber Choir (SATB) will be included in the rehearsal videos (one per song).

Each student will prepare the two pieces chosen below to be videotaped separately and submitted in Opus Events by 3/30/21:

“Sing for Joy!”
“One Song”

Each student will receive a medallion and t-shirt by 4/30/21.

Students may review their performance in the Virtual MS JH All-State Honor Choir 5/5/21.

Please send your registration fees to the following:

Sue Tarver
8960 MS Hwy 413
Weir MS 39772

Thank you for developing such good musicians. We are so proud of them.

Jamie Lee Moore

Sue Tarver