Application for Choral Performance

If you wish to have your ensemble considered for performance at the 2020 MMEA/ACDA Convention, please read the following information and follow the link at the bottom of the page.


To assure full consideration of your choral ensemble in the audition process, please follow the direction below.

1. Compete the General Information Form:
a. Respond to all information requests on the form.

2. Submit a quality audio file containing representative selections from each of the previous two years.

3. Complete the Audition Recording Specifications Form:
a. Be sure to indicate whether each selection included was recorded in a live concert, in a rehearsal, or in a studio.
b. Please indicate if there has been any “enhancement” or editing of the recorded  materials.

4. Complete the Proposed Performance Program Form:
a. It is very important that you complete this section carefully – your proposed program is a consideration for the selection committee.
b. The committee realizes that there may have to be some changes in the proposed program, but hope to keep these at a minimum.

5. Audition Selection Process: Selection preference will be given to two (2) 2/4  college/university choirs and two (2) other ensembles (a combination of high school, junior high, elementary, children’s, church choirs, etc.). If the selection committee feels there are not two (2) worthy choirs to fill each category listed above, then more may be selected form another category to fill the four (4) total spots available.

6. The selection committee will consist of 4 qualified choral musicians. The current state ACDA president will not serve on the committee. At least one committee member will be from each of the following categories: 2/4-year college/university teacher, high school teacher, and junior high teacher. The state ACDA president will then collate the information from the committee and disseminate the results.

8. Eligibility: Conductors must be current members of ACDA and must have been employed in the same position since fall of 2017. No choral ensemble or conductor may appear on successive state conferences. Each conductor can only submit an application for one ensemble. It is understood that ACDA will not assume financial responsibility for travel, food, or lodging for performance groups. This application implies that the above mentioned group is prepared to travel and perform at the conference if accepted.

7. Schedule of Dates:
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2019 (11:59 pm)
Notification Date: July 1, 2019

Application for Choral Performance