Exhibitor Information

2023 Convention and Exhibitors Showcase

~ Theme: Aspire ~

March 23-25, 2023

You are invited to exhibit in Mississippi’s largest meeting of music educators.  The conference is presently scheduled for March 23-25, 2023 (with Honor Choir Performances during the morning of the 25th) on the beautiful campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

The conference features workshops and performance opportunities.  There will be more than 250 teachers and professors, plus parents and chaperones, in attendance.  Students from grades 5 through 12 will experience performance excellence as they participate in their respective All-State Select Group. The All-State Performance groups include:  Elementary Honor Choir, Junior High SATB Honor Choir, Junior High SSA Choir, High School SSA Choir, High School SATB Choir.  Each group is composed of 75-150 students with total student participation in excess of 450.

Business exhibitors will be located near the teacher workshops and break-out sessions, so you will have high adult foot-traffic.  We ask that you consider providing some sort of give-away to encourage our teachers and students to visit your exhibit.  The conference is providing for each of its conferees a card that will require them to visit each exhibitor.  Exhibitors can then request from them their email addresses for promotional purposes and sign off on their card.  Once the conferees have visited each exhibitor, they will be qualified for a prize drawing at the end of the conference.  If you are interested in providing a donation toward these prizes, please let us know.

College and university exhibitors may want to promote graduate and CEU options for our teachers. This is an excellent time to reach many of our music teachers. 

You also have the option of adding an advertisement to our convention app. This app goes will be downloaded by every teacher, student, and parent involved in the convention. Details are attached. 

As an exhibitor, you are providing growth opportunities for our teachers and students through information and/or materials for purchase.  JOIN US THIS YEAR!  It promises to be one of our best conferences ever! If you have questions or need assistance, my contact information is below.

Andy Beasley, Exhibitors Chair
Email Andy Beasley