Choral Art Festival

The Choral Art Festival was instituted in 1995 to provide a positive and helpful non-adjudicated festival experience for Choral programs in the state.  Directors may choose participation at Choral Art Festival rather District/State Festival.

Choirs receive helpful suggestions from well-respected judges in a non-threatening and non-competitive atmosphere. Judges provide written comments for each performance.  One or more judges will work with each choir or ensemble following their performance. 

Choral Art Festival is an annual event jointly sponsored by the Mississippi Music Educators Association.


  • Date:  April 12-13, 2022
  • Location: Ridgeland High School
  • Registration – Directors are asked to register choirs first, then ensembles.  Choirs may have any of the following voice combinations:  SATB, SSAB, SAB, SSA, SA, TTBB, TBB, or TTB.
  •  Eligibility – All singers music be deemed eligible by MHSAA (see the MHSAA Choral Information Manual online at
  •  Repertoire – Selections that are performed may be selected from the MS Prescribed Music List.  Non-list selections may be performed with approval from the Festival Director or your Mentor.
  •  Judges – will include experienced, seasoned instructors capable of offering valuable help to participating choirs/ensembles.
  • 6th grade choirs/ensembles must make their payments to MMEA while 7-9th grade choirs/ensembles must make their payments to MHSAA.

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